Samstag, 29. Juni 2013

Guest Post by Cubbiful

Hello to you all!!
I'm Mina from cubbiful and Tartelette from the Lackäffchen was sweet enough to ask me to do a guest post for them! :)
I've done a couple so far and they all involved flowers, so I wanted something different and unique to show them.

As some of you may know (or not hahah) today's my first day of Summer holidays, so I went for something fun and bright - well... I kind of always do, that's my signature: colourful and bright ;)

I also have an obsession with stripers and that's exactly what I used most for this mani.

So, enough with the talking (I also tend to do a lot of that sometimes) and let's show you what I prepared.
I sure hope the ladies like it: I tried my best ;)

It all started like this. I don't think you can see it, but there's actually a soft gradient on the tips.
Not even I can see it - hahaha - but I swear to you I did it.
I used a bright yellow (Perfect Lady No.31) and a neon pink (Jade Rose No.68) for the base and then sponged the tips with Coral Matt Effect No.401 for the yellow nails and Coral Matt Effect No.402 for the pink ones.

This was stage number 2 ;)
I used two different stripers: Golden Rose Nail Art No.102 (the slightly neon orange stripes you see) and Golden Rose Nail Art No.117 (for the red ones).
I actually considered leaving my manicure like this and have the pink nails contrast the stripey yellow ones, but... I can never resist adding more and more 
(I think I get overexcited when I'm doing my manis ;))

And voilà! This is what I ended up with!
I used Golden Rose Nail Art No.123 (the darker purple) and Golden Rose Nail Art No.128 (the lighter one).
What do you think? Should I have stopped at the yellow nails? ;)

I hope you've all liked it and I  hope I've made the Lackäffchen and their blog some justice! :D
I wish you all a wonderful fun weekend! If the sun is not shining bright as here right now, just put a smile on your face - it'll make it all better! :D

Thank you Anne and ladies Lackäffchen for this opportunity and great cause for motivation for keep doing what I love: happy nails! <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Really beautiful nails, I like it very much :)

  2. Thanks again for doing a guest post for us! :D
    Great mani and design <3 (reminds me a bit of easter eggs ;D)

    1. thank YOU for such a fun opportunity :)
      heheh - easter eggs ;)

  3. So pretty and happy and summery! I love it

  4. Thank you all so much, ladies :)
    Happy you liked it! **